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"El Viento Flamenco and Symphony Nova Scotia"
By Margot Aldrich on behalf of the Symphony Nova Scotia Players' Association, April 2004

Sunday night's performance by Symphony Nova Scotia and El Viento Flamenco was one of the most stunning performances of the year. The evening began in a festive mood with SNS performing works by De Falla and Bizet. With the arrival of El Viento Flamenco, the audience continued to be transported through every nuance of emotion from exhilaration to introspection, childlike joy to passionate abandon. There was not a dull moment as each member of El Viento focused intensely on the music that clearly drives them.

Dancer Evelyne Benais' poise and elegance seduced every warm blooded member of the audience while her undeniable mastery of this most noble of dance styles commanded their unwavering attention.

Guitarist Bob Sutherby acted as foundation of the ensemble, maintaining a continuous musical conversation with his colleagues, expertly guiding the listener through the hills and valleys of emotion and often rising above in a wave of excitement. His devotion to this music is matched only by his stunning technical performance.

Sean Harris emoted joy and lament with the purest voice. During his a cappella piece, he held an entire hall of people in complete silence as they hung on even the faintest, softest phrase. His control and musicality did not waver for a second, sending chills up one's spine.

El Viento Flamenco gives a show that captivates, thrills and inspires.

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